Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Fitness Fanatic Partner

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. If you’re currently scrambling for some last-minute gift ideas to shower your significant other, this list is curated specially for you. If you want to deviate from the usual flowers and chocolate formula, here are some fresh and healthy ideas. After all, if your sweetheart is working towards a specific fitness goal, those chocolates and other types of sugar-laden Valentine’s treats are likely to sabotage his/her progress.

Activewear and Other Fitness Gear

help your SO gear up

Anyone who works out a lot knows the pain of either having to constantly do laundry or living with an ever-increasing, never-ending pile of dirty, sweaty clothes. Active people always need something clean to wear. It may be considered a superficial need but it’s quite necessary if you think about it. 

Regardless of what type of workout your partner is into, be it lifting weights, yoga, Zumba, or what have you, he/she is going to appreciate a new set of workout clothes. If you have the budget for it, you can even give a pair of personalized gym shoes. A personalized gym bag is also useful especially if your partner likes to join crowded workout classes. 

Whatever you do, just keep in mind that the items should be functional. If you’re not sure about the size, you can give additional workout gear such as a yoga mat, a jump rope, workout bands, and even a lifting belt. The choices are endless.

A Gym Goodie Bag

Treat them to some sugar-free sweets

Another surefire way to please your fitness fanatic beau is to give him/her treats that fuel up his/her workouts. It can be either of the following or a combination of both: 

Healthy Snacks

If you want to make it more special, you can try whipping these snacks yourself. Great ideas include sugar-free protein cake pops, chocolate protein bars, and others. The key is to keep it sweet and nutritional

If you want to make these goodies yourself, do so with a little help from Purisure Stevia Powder. It’s a perfect alternative to sugar. It contains zero carbs and calories, so your partner won’t need to worry about breaking his/her daily sugar, carb, or calorie limit. Whatever treat you’re planning to make, just make sure it has nutritional value. Something that is not just sweet but also packed with all the nutrients your special someone deserves. 

Workout Supplements

A supplement stack is also ideal. There’s so much to choose from, depending on your partner’s fitness goals. Popular options include Purisure’s Beta-Alanine Powder, Citrulline Malate, Alpha GPC Powder and more. You can even throw in a few extras such as Purisure’s Spirulina Powder, Shilajit Powder, and Vitamin C Powder to ensure that your darling stays healthy and in top shape to continue working out. Nothing says “I love you” more than helping a person stay in peak condition to perform. 

A Massage Day

Chase the stress away

This can be something for both of you to enjoy. A person that religiously sticks to his/her workout schedule is probably someone who’s enduring a set of sore muscles. Treat them to something special and unexpected by bringing them in for a massage. If you want, you can even stay in and give the massage yourself. Getting an unexpected massage can be one of the little underrated luxuries we can enjoy. Your partner is going to appreciate it for sure.

A Fitness Class Pass

Help them broaden her fitness horizons

If you’ve been meaning to spend more time with your partner, one brilliant way of doing so is enrolling in a class together. Valentine’s Day could be the perfect day to start. Enroll yourselves into a fitness class together. It could be something both of you haven’t tried. If not, you can surprise him/her with a free pass or by enrolling him/her to an entire class that they’ve always wanted to try.  

The Takeaway

It sounds like the world’s most overworked phrase, but it’s truly the thought that counts. Giving a gift that supports your partner’s hobbies or goals is one way of showing how deeply you think, care, and support them. And if you’re not seeing anyone at the moment, you can take the chance to show your  friends and family your love through these little tokens of support. The more personalized and well-thought-of a present is, the better. 





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