4 Knee-Friendly Exercises That Work Your Entire Body

Your knees go through so much to help you mobilize. However, you’ll never really appreciate the extent of the work they do until they become injured. Knee pain is very common yet it is one of the major setbacks that stop most people from working out. But of course, it’s only sensible to listen to your body when working out and stop when a certain number of repetitions starts to hurt a part of your body. 

The discomfort may cause you to not follow proper form, which can lead to several types of injuries. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t stop you from getting a proper workout. If you’re currently suffering or recovering from knee pain, here are some knee-friendly workouts you can try.

Exercises that aren’t Hard on Your Knees

Chest Press

chest press for upper body strength

So your knees are in pain. No problem. There are other areas in your body that deserve attention and need work as well. If you are planning to work your upper body muscles while your knees are in bad shape, chest presses should be one of your go-to’s. It targets several areas including your deltoids, pectorals, and triceps. It’s one of the best exercises that can help you build upper body strength. If you’re still building up strength and muscle mass in that area, avoid further injuries by doing a warm-up and starting with small, lighter weights. 

Glute Bridges

glute bridge to build strength

This type of exercise is relatively simple. It allows you to work your glutes and hamstrings while lying down. And because it’s done that way, your weight is evenly distributed and less pressure is placed on your joints -- particularly your hips and knees. 

Start with the basic form first and then make it more challenging as your strength increases. One variation is to hold a dumbbell across your hips while doing repetitions. If a dumbbell isn’t anywhere accessible, you can increase the difficulty level by crossing one leg and doing repetitions with one leg at a time. 

Reverse Lunges with Landmine Weights

lunges with weights

Lunges, just like squats, can put a lot of strain on your knees. However, this option can be pain-free with the right adjustments. However, if your knees are in really bad condition, just skip this particular exercise and move on to the next. But if that’s not the case, and you’d want to learn how to make lunges more bearable for your knees, what you need to do is add a landmine weight. This will act as a counterbalance, eliminating a percentage of the work from your knees. But make sure to load up only a manageable amount of weight to the bar and anchor it to the ground. 

Single-Leg Deadlift

weighted single-leg deadlift

The single-leg deadlift is a great exercise for both newbies and longtime gym rats. What’s great about it is that it works several muscles at once. It’s not also that complicated to do. When done right, it can help improve balance and coordination. Depending on which variation you follow, this exercise can work your butt, hamstrings, spinal erectors, and your calves. 

Single-leg deadlifts are also a crowd favorite because of its versatility. You can use them to integrate both your lower and upper body while involving your posterior chain. However, as with all types of exercises, make sure you follow proper form. When doing single-leg deadlifts, make sure you are not rounding your back and opening your hips. If you’re just getting used to the motions, just go through each repetition slowly and build your speed gradually once you’ve gotten the hang of it. 

The Takeaway

If your knees feel really sore, it’s best to consult a doctor so you can map out a safer plan of action. Working out is great, but physical pain, regardless of where it manifests in your body, can be a sign that your body is in need of rest. Proper rest and exercise should go hand in hand as your body needs an ample amount of time to recover. 

Listen to your body and do what feels right for it. Following a variety of exercises not only enables you to work various muscle groups but also allows the different muscle groups to rest alternately. Keep in mind that working out should be done to help strengthen your body. So, exercise with caution and keep yourself safe at all times. 







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