Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

Regularly going to the gym can do wonders for your health and physique. However, it’s not the only way to do so. If you want to improve your overall fitness but dread going to the gym, there are several alternatives for you to consider. There are more than a few ways to achieve your fitness goals without stepping foot inside a gym. We’re about to present you with some exciting options, but first, let’s talk about why staying physically active is so important.

The Importance of Physical Activity

Countless articles have been published about the serious link connecting a sedentary lifestyle to an increased risk for coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and more. If that piece of information makes you feel uneasy, wait until you hear what the American Cancer Society has to say about prolong periods of inactivity. In their recent study, they pointed out that sitting for around six to more hours per day was associated with a 19% increase in the likelihood of the person suffering from all the aforementioned diseases. 

If you’re looking for ways to become more active, here are several fun options you can try besides going to the gym:

Aerial Hoop

Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

This is a fun way to strengthen your core and develop upper body strength. It combines certain elements from pilates and yoga. It’s a fun conditioning workout that helps increase your stamina and overall muscle tone. It involves you sitting or standing in a large metal ring that’s suspended from a rig. As your strength, balance, and flexibility improves, you’ll be able to hold a number of striking poses. This is great for people who love performing and dancing. It can be an outlet for dancers away from the stage.


Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

A portmanteau combining “bro” and “yoga”, broga is basically an intense type of yoga practice that will leave you drenched at the end of each session. It aims to enhance strength and flexibility. It contains most of the basic elements in yoga, including Savasana but without much focus on its spiritual side. Although it’s often dubbed as fitness for men, ladies can still take part in this particular type of yoga.


Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

This type of cardio exercise can also be a great way to manage stress. Apart from making you sweat, it provides you with the perfect avenue to release pent-up aggression. It’s fun and it helps burn a lot of calories.


Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

If you love the outdoors, hiking is perfect for you. Why keep yourself confined in the gym when nature can offer you so much more? Hiking lets you explore nature but it’s more than just your average walk in the park (literally). With hiking, you get to encounter different types of terrain which may require more effort. It helps you sweat and have fun at the same time, too.

Bouldering and Indoor Climbing

Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

This type of exercise is a great way to use your own body weight as a tool to increase muscle strength. Each move requires you to engage every part of muscle in your body including your brain, as you’ll need to strategize a way to get to the top. It’s a great activity to meet new friends as well. 


Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

Swimming provides you with an intense full-body workout without straining your knees. It’s a low impact sport that burns a lot of calories. It’s great for all ages too. Whether you’re young or old, swimming can be a great cardio workout. Best of all, swimming is a necessary life skill that may help you save yourself or others in extreme situations.

Mermaid Classes

Alternative Workouts for People Who Hate the Gym

This is a fun way to master swimming. It’s a full-body workout but you get to do it while looking elegant and glamorous because you get to wear mermaid fins. Mermaid classes are slowly becoming popular and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great way to keep your body in shape while having fun outside the gym.

The Bottom Line

We’d gladly include cleaning your house, gardening, dog-walking in the list as well but the point was to help you think outside the box. If you find all those activities enjoyable then by all means, find more time to do it. A gym membership isn’t a requirement to help you achieve your fitness goals. Be creative!








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