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How to Fast Safely

Want to experience the benefits of fasting? Make sure you stick to it by following these beginner-friendly tips to he...

How to Safely Use Alcohol as a Disinfectant

Know how to properly disinfect your skin and home by safely using alcohol to avoid common accidents. 

Easy No-Equipment Home Exercises for Beginners

Build your own beginner workout routine at home with these easy exercises that help build strength, stamina, and endu...

Clean Your Home with Citric Acid Powder

Make your home sparkly clean with citric acid, one of the most versatile cleaning ingredients. Here are DIY cleaning ...

Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

Celebrate Earth Day while still practicing social distancing through ways to go green from home.

Fast Facts About Vitamin C

Get to know more about the essential Vitamin C, how much you need to take and how it benefits you.

Little Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health While Under Quarantine

Stay sane and healthy during these trying times and learn how to cope with stress and anxiety with these tips. 

Immuno-Boosting Nutrients to Fight Off Respiratory Infections

Boost your immune system and fortify your defenses against respiratory infections with the right nutrients and supple...

Menstrual Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

Experiencing unusual menstrual issues? Find out which symptoms are normal and which ones signal a red flag.

Easy Morning Stretches to Wake Up Tired Muscles

Need an instant boost in the morning? Try these easy yet effective stretching exercises that will get you pumped and ...

Easy Exercises to Help Increase Flexibility

Increase your flexibility, reduce your risk for injury, and maximize your workout with these easy exercises.

4 Knee-Friendly Exercises That Work Your Entire Body

Four easy exercises you can do at home that won’t strain your knees.
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