10 Household Cleaning Tips Using Citric Acid Powder

It’s time for household cleaning! You may be a mom who wants to sneak in the season for all-around cleaning into your day-to-day motherhood “good stress.” Or, you may be a college student who wants to commit to this seasonal habit to clean-up your boarding house or apartment so you are ready for another round of studies in spic-and-span spaces. Or, you might just be the responsible dad.

Whichever you are in these options, PuriSure offers a natural way to clean your living spaces, apartments, bunk houses, and condominiums through our Food Grade Citric Acid Powder.

Purisure Food Grade Citric Acid is made in the USA and comes in a double-bagged resealable container that maintains potency so you can utilize the diverse powers of citric acid in your home. Our fine grain granular powdered crystals are the best prices you can find online. Purchase in bulk and save!

Cleaning products have long used citric acid to help boost their ability to eliminate even the toughest stains and help conquer odor. In places where water residue can build up, like bathrooms and kitchens, citric acid powder is used to remove the mineral rings, leaving fixtures, faucets, and appliances bright and clean. Add in a little baking soda and you have a powerful cleanser useful in every area of your home.

Cleaning Tips

In the previous months, we have started a couple of spring cleaning tips on our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages that come out every week since the season began. However, if you want a one-stop to-do list for your spring cleaning mantra, then move along and read further.

Finish your flooring

Tip # 1: Finish your flooring

They could be from a scope that occupies your entire place, or just a part of your home. Daily sweeping and mopping is given, but it will be pay off better when you spend a day or two within the season to finish cleaning your floors. Cinderella did not all day remember, so you might as well try it and maybe be treated to a ballroom as part of the plan. Who knows?

Clean carpets

Tip # 2: Clean carpets and upholstery

Don’t go judging a book but its cover. Carpets and upholstery can appear spotless and clean when in fact they already hold so much germs around. Don’t wait for a microscope to show you what’s in there. Taking off your shoes to plunge onto the carpet is the best ever. But if you have dirty carpets, where is all the fun?

Shine up stainless steel

Tip # 3: Tidy up stainless steel

The third tip for Springtime cleaning is about shining up your stainless steel. You never know what dirt goes into these utensils such as fork, knife, and spoon that you can miss out on normal days. Devote a day going through all your stainless steel and cleaning them.

Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards, and woodboards

Tip # 4: Wash walls, cabinets, baseboards, and woodboards

Wood and boards during Spring cleaning deserve a separate day to focus on. These areas are frequented by dusts and termites, which can be an ultimate nuisance when left unchecked. Protect the longevity of your wood furniture by performing a general clean-up every once in a while. This season is perfect time to do so.

Deep clean drawers

Tip # 5: Deep clean drawers

Drawers are usually the cleanest surfaces that you might think there is. But to tell you the truth, it is also among the most disgusting to clean when you start it. The dusts and dirt left from those stuff inside your drawers can even be more difficult to clean than your bathroom floor. #CreateParadiseAtHome with the use of PuriSure's Citric Acid Powder.   

Clean ceiling fixtures

Tip # 6: Clean ceiling fixtures

So much has been said about keeping your houses clean and beautiful. From your ceiling fans to lighting fixtures, why don't you try something new and natural? Ceiling fixtures include lighting, decoration, and even ceiling fans. This area is often forgotten in the daily cleaning because of the time that goes along with minding them. Commit and take advantage of the season and what everybody is doing to pay attention to your ceiling fixtures.

Destain cutting boards

Tip # 7: De-stain cutting boards

Science says that cutting boards are among the dirtiest utensils that you have in the kitchen because they are used in almost every ingredient sliced and cut when you cook. Leave micro-organisms behind and use PuriSure’s Citric Acid Powder to de-stain cutting boards. You will not have to worry about any harmful risks because our powder is food grade.

Dig into grimy grout

Tip # 8: Dig into grimy grout

Spend a separate day doing this dirty work in the bathroom, diving into grimy grout and removing the stains that are in there. With the help of the citric acid, you are assured of safety for you and for your family.

Shiny up kitchen cabinets

Tip # 9: Shiny up kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets, unfortunately, are spaces where insects and pests like to lounge in. Not that you are destroying their habitat but they do not belong in there. Your kitchen cabinets are for your canned goods and precious food items. Take action!

Destink dishwashers

Tip # 10: Remove stinks from the dishwashers

You might think for once that your dishwashers are also getting cleaned out of the dripping soapy water from the plates and other kitchen utensils used for dining. Care for a second thought? When the soap residue dries up, it becomes a place that attracts bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Your dishwashers also deserve some washing. Use PuriSure’s Citric Acid Powder and you’ll see how the results will serve you and your homes for the best.




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