The Best Supplements for Building Muscle and Strength

Regular exercise brings a whole lot of benefits to the mind and body but one of the most common reasons why people follow a strict workout routine is to increase muscle mass. Apart from making you look good and feel better, a healthy amount of muscle enables you to do more as well. 

But while a proper exercise routine is proven to help you build muscle and strength, not everyone can easily develop the right amount of muscles they want. Thankfully, if you’re one of these people, you can turn to several health supplements for help. 

A word of caution though, not all supplements are created equal. Besides making sure that you buy from a trusted manufacturer, you also need to make sure to choose the right ones for your needs.

Best Supplements for Muscle Gain

There are various types of supplements out there and each one is formulated to help your body in different ways. If you need help deciding which one is right for you, here’s a list of the best supplements to take for maximum muscle gains.

Beta Alanine

The Best Supplements for Building Muscle and Strength

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is normally found in protein rich foods such as meat, fish, and poultry. However, additional supplementation can help reduce physical fatigue and enhance performance. When paired with an effective exercise program, beta-alanine supplementation can also boost muscle mass formation.

In a study where college wrestlers and football players were asked to take a daily dose of 4 grams of beta alanine for 8 weeks, a substantial increase in lean body mass was observed.

Beta alanine supplementation was also shown to help increase lean body mass when paired with a high-intensity interval training program. In this particular study, participants were made to follow a six-week HIIT exercise program while simultaneously taking regular doses of beta alanine. In that span of time, the participants were recorded to have gained at least a pound of lean body mass.

Beta alanine helps increase muscle mass by enhancing your performance. This is mainly due to this amino acid’s ability to trigger an increase in the amount of intramuscular carnosine levels. When proper supplementation is followed, it can help a person’s carnosine levels to rise by more than 60% within four weeks. 

Beta alanine acts as a buffer which prevents the buildup of lactic acid in the blood as you continue to workout. This reduces muscular fatigue and soreness, enabling you to do more reps and prolonging your workout. 

If you’re looking to reduce fatigue especially during intense training, build up your endurance, and increase your training volume, beta alanine is a great supplement for you. You can try out Purisure’s Beta Alanine Powder. It comes in 1kg, 500g, and 250 g packaging so you can choose to stock up for months or just try it out for a few weeks.


The Best Supplements for Building Muscle and Strength

Caffeine doesn’t need an introduction. After all, it is one of the world’s most consumed stimulant. While it doesn’t directly cause muscle gain, it can be beneficial in speeding up the process. Having enough energy to endure a tough workout required to build muscles is important. This is where caffeine becomes essential. 

If you look around, you’ll notice that almost every pre-workout formula contains caffeine and it’s there for a reason. Caffeine can help reduce fatigue, feelings of exertion, and may even minimize the soreness you might feel after a workout. 

If all you need is an energy boost to fuel your intense workouts then a shot of caffeine will do. If you’re not the type who enjoys chugging down a litre of smoothies, shakes, or any form of liquid before a workout, then Purisure’s Caffeine + L-theanine capsules are perfect for you. All you need to do is take one capsule at least 15 minutes before your workout for an instant boost of energy.

Citrulline Malate

The Best Supplements for Building Muscle and Strength


Before it became popularly used as a workout supplement, citrulline malate was originally sold to address fatigue. About forty years ago it was prescribed to post-surgery patients who were experiencing physical and mental fatigue. Fast forward to today, citrulline malate is lauded for performance-enhancing effects. 

The synergistic combination of malate and L-citrulline helps increase your ATP rate during a workout. It is also known to shorten the time your muscles need to recover after a strenuous workout. If you are planning to increase the level of difficulty in your workouts, the best way to prepare your body is to supplement it with citrulline malate.


The Best Supplements for Building Muscle and Strength

Also known as beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, HMB is a molecule that comes as a by-product of protein metabolism in your body. However, when you take it as a supplement, it can help enhance your endurance and physical performance, especially when you’re undergoing weight training. This supplement is perfect for people who want to bulk up through weight training as it enhances muscle endurance. If you want to try it out, the best and easiest way to do so is through powder form. And as with everything else, make sure to try out high quality supplements such as Purisure’s HMB Powder.

The Bottom Line

These supplements are shown to be effective in enhancing both performance and results. However, they won’t work as much if you fail to pair it with a consistent workout routine and a sensible diet. Use these supplements wisely and you’ll be closer to becoming a stronger and better version of yourself.





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