Fitness First-Timers: A Beginner’s Guide To Workout

The ultimate decision to enroll in a fitness program and leave your old sedentary lifestyle is a lifelong commitment. Just like the first day at a new school or developing a new habit, you may meet challenges or need to step out of your comfort zone. Here’s how to get through the first steps in the road toward fitness.

1. Listen To The Pros

The first day of your training arrives. You meet with your personal trainer. The pressure is on. As you enter the gym, the first people you may notice are “the big guys” who have invested time and money in their workout as their bodies reveal, but instead of being intimidated by them, consider them as an inspiration. Many bulky fitness pros offer a wide range of knowledge, but make sure the methods you apply are aligned with your own goals. If you listen to them and implement incorrect techniques, you may risk causing long-term problems. Trainers and professional coaches have received the qualifications that put them in the position to provide good advice, so go for someone with the credibility and expertise.

2. Don’t Be Hasty About Those Reps, Stay Gradual

Beginners often carry a high amount of confidence and motivation to start getting in shape. You may be eager to try the machines laid around the gym, but equipment like treadmills and weights involve a set of rules and a recommended degree of intensity depending on the user’s level of physical fitness. A common mistake of beginners is pushing themselves too hard right at the very start, leading to injury as a result of overtraining. Start with low intensity and low resistance routines, and gradually increase according to how much your body can handle.

Listen to the personal trainer

3. Be Ready For A Whole New Diet

Fitness and nutrition are two things that go hand in hand. If you want to achieve your desired shape, make the right adjustments to your diet. Weight loss usually requires less fat, sugar, and calorie consumption, while weight gain may require more protein. If you decide to commit to a long-term workout routine, be ready to lessen intake of – or even eliminate – unhealthy food from your diet, such as fast food, soda, and processed food. There will be a lot of changes like balancing your diet, going organic, or adding more fruits and vegetables to your plate.

4. Make Some Time – Lots Of Them

If you ask people what hinders them from switching to a fit lifestyle, a common reason is not enough time. Committing into a fitness program means you have to invest time and effort. There will be moments when you have to wake up as early as sunrise or sleep earlier than usual. If you’re not a morning person, you can start once you are fully ready. If you leave the entire program midway because you need to attend to other tasks and then come back, you may have to repeat the entire process from the start.

Make some time, lots of them

5. Overcome Gym Anxiety

Studies have revealed a common yet little-known reason why people avoid the gym: anxiety. At one point or another, we all feel a little nervous about working out in public. You may have worries like not wearing the right clothing, disliking how your physique looks in front of others, or being uncertain about how the machines work. It can be easy to overcome these worries - consider shopping for an outfit you feel comfortable in, be patient about adjusting to the new environment, and focus on the exercise itself. If your concern is related to physical appearance, the reality is that most people are absorbed in their own world and, in their minds, may actually be supporting you.

6. Supplement Your Training

Many fitness pros will tell you that supplements greatly helped them in their body transformation process. Good health and physical condition are known to come from a combination of exercise, proper nutrition, and supplementation.

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Supplement your training


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